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Theydons, 41 High Road
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Over 35 years local experience...

We’re excited to unveil a brand new look for Theydons. It’s a new look, but you’ll get the same care and attention that we’ve prided ourselves on since starting out.

As a family-run estate agents, we have been serving our local community for over 28 years. Since then we’ve helped families upsize, and then downsize again; we’ve helped children who’ve flown the nest to find their new home; we’ve sold and let a property once, twice, three times over.

We’re well-placed to advice with confidence because we know the area inside-out and we’re invested in our community.
Our business is built on a traditional set of family values/beliefs that drive what we do and how we act. Theydons is literally built around a family, and the long serving staff members are an extension of that family. We look out for each other, and welcome everyone else with open arms.

Our Values


We work hard for our clients. Success relies on all parties being happy, and we believe that being open and honest through the buying, selling and renting process is the proper way to achieve this. So whilst we have the best interests of our clients at heart, our focus on being impartial and fair to all parties should be to the benefit of everyone. After all, you can’t sell without a buyer, or rent without tenants.

We are here for everyone. We want people to feel comfortable approaching us, and asking questions, whoever they are. Our door is always open. We treat people the way we would expect to be treated ourselves. As well as having a positive effect on our business, it makes us feel good about ourselves.

We are there for others. We start with our colleagues; we are reliable, supportive and understanding. Our customers can rely on us too; we keep our word, and deliver on our promises. In a process full of pitfalls, this is so important. And just one of the reasons they keep coming back.

We’re aware of the stresses of buying, selling and renting; it’s an emotional time, as well as a costly one. We are understanding of people’s situations, and endeavour to see all points of view. We like to see the bigger picture too, and get great satisfaction from playing a part in such milestones as moving into your first flat together, buying your first home, or upscaling for a new arrival. A sense of humility is integral to doing our job in a way that leaves a positive lasting impression.

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